Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gaming in Education

This was assignment was rather difficult for me. How could it possibly be hard to find a game to play for a hour. Well at first I couldn't even think of a game to use for this assignment it was rather difficult since I usually don't play video games or computer based games. I have a tendency to get addicted to a game and then I procrastinate on my homework so I decided to give up gaming all together. The second problem was when would I find the time to play a game for a hour when I have homework for my other classes. This was rather easy when I found the right game to play.

I chose to play The Sims Social on Facebook. I have played the Sims games once or twice in my teenage years, so it was rather new to me. The tutorial at the beginning was useful because it showed what you were suppose to do and how to move your Sim around. At first it took a little while to get into the game because you couldn't really do much because your Sim has very little money. This became less of a factor when I begin to get more into the game and the hour flew by.

Throughout the game you are trying to help your Sim build a their life. You can choose which way of life you want your Sim to have. Once you have gotten the hang of things you have to choose what your Sim does and how it does it. If you want your Sim to play a computer game you have to click the computer and then chose play game. There are many life lessons throughout this game,you have to practice to get good at something, you must take care of your things, spend your money wisely, and many more.

This game is just one example of the many that games can be educational and not just a way to past time. Using games in the classroom will bring a new perspective for students to use to learn the concept in which the teacher is trying to get a crossed. Though I hate to admit it there is even some thing that they can get from the war games. Their hand eye coordination will improve. There are many things that we can use games for, whether it be to past the time, improve hand eye coordination, learn times tables, or valuable life lessons, using games in the classroom will show students that the skills that they are learning today they can apply in their lives tomorrow.

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