Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Problem-Based Learning

In class we have been looking at PBL (project based learning.)PBL is where students work together or individual to figure out a problem using the material given to them, whether it be software, a problem, inventing something, or building something. Each group in our class had to create an example of a PBL, my group chose to do a breakfast invention. We decided to use a WebQuest, Google Form, wiki, and our students imaginations. This project was rather difficult because we had to think of ways to challenge our "students" but not make it to difficult. I think that creating a PBL for a class that you know well and their strengths and weaknesses will be much easier than creating one for an imaginary class.

I really enjoyed learning about PBLs in class. It was something I didn't know much about or how to implement it into a classroom. I plan on having some PBl activities in my classroom. They are a way for students to expand their horizons and push themselves to make something way outside the box!